Joel Strickland
Executive Director

(910) 678-7622 Fayetteville Area MPO Operations

Deloma Graham
Senior Planner
(910) 678-7628 Grants Program Manager, Unified Planning Work Program, Air Quality Planning Coordinator, Title VI Program, Environmental Justice, Public Involvement Plan, Citizen Advisory Committee, Webmaster

Greg Shermeto
(910) 678-7615 Congestion Management Plan, Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Metropolitan Transit Plan, Highway Plan, Transportation Improvement Program, Combined Human Services Public Transportation Plan, Performance Measures

Eric Vitale
(910) 678-7632 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Transportation Alternatives Program, Collector Street Plan, Safety and Security Plan, Environmental Mitigation Plan, Population and Economic Study, Freight Plan, Waterway Plan

Josh Grandlienard
(910) 678-7620 Population and Economic Study, Rail Plan, Airport Plan, Access Management Manual, Subdivisions, Fiscally Constrained Plan, Census Data Management

Katrina Evans
Administrative Coordinator
(910) 678-7614 Administrative duties as assigned