The Fayetteville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO) was established in 1975 as a result of the Federal Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1973. Any Urbanized Area (UZA) with a population greater than 50,000 is designated as an MPO. Any UZA greater that 200,000 is also designated as a Transportation Management Area (TMA). The Fayetteville MPO is also a TMA. The Census Bureau establishes UZA boundaries. For the past thirty years, the FAMPO Planning Area included the City of Fayetteville, the Towns of Hope Mills and Spring Lake, Fort Bragg Military Reservation, Pope Army Airfield, the urban portion of Cumberland County, and a portion of Harnett County. After the 2010 census, the Planning Area was expanded and now includes portions of Cumberland County, Harnett County, Hoke County, and Robeson County, for a total Planning Area population of approximately 372,000.

All decisions of the MPO are made by the Transportation Policy Board (TPB) with recommendations from the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC). The membership and voting structures of these committees are established through a Memorandum of Understanding between all of the participating governments for the TPB and TCC and through bylaws adopted by the TPB for the CAC. For more information, view the organizational structure or the transportation planning process of the MPO.

Citizen Advisory Committee Members - Agendas and Minutes

As of 3-14-2018
Mr. Rusty Thompson, Chair
Ms. Pamela Presser, Vice-Chair
Ms. Glenda Dye
Mr. Justin Hall
Ms. Wendy L. Harris
Ms. Mr. Pate Hodges
Mr. Melvin E. Lewis
Ms. Ann Locklear
Ms. Tracey Pittman
Ms. Alison Van Nyhuis
Ms. Vernorine E. Young


Transportation Coordinating Committee - Agendas and Minutes

As of 3-14-2018
Mr. Lee Jernigan, Jr, PE, Chair
Mr. James Caldwell, Vice Chair
Mr. Dennis Baxley
Ms. Amy Cannon
Ms. Letitia Edens
Mr. Ricky Harris
Mr. Kim Nazarchyk
Mr. Jon Parsons
Mr. Bill Zell
Mr. Thomas J. Lloyd
Mr. Randy Hume
Mr. Michael Gibson
Mr. Jeff Brown
Mr. Bradley Whited
Mr. Gerald Newton
Mr. Mike Rutan
Ms. Janet Robertson
Mr. Mark Locklear
Mr. H. Mark Whitley
Mr. Rob Stone
Ms. Hanah Ehrenreich
Mr. Greg Burns, PE
Mr. Timothy Shea
Ms. Melissa Adams
Mr. Darius Sturdivant, PE
Mr. Adolph Thomas
Mr. Travis Morgan
Mr. Frank D. West, Jr.
Ms. Hemal Shah
Mr. Bryan Kluchar, PE
Mr. Andrew Spendlove (Non-Voting Member)
Ms. Bonetta Rogers (Non-Voting Member)
Mr. Ron Lucas (Non-Voting Member)
Ms. Tajsha LaShore (Non-Voting Member)


Transportation Policy Board - Agendas and Minutes

As of 3-14-2018
Mr. Ted Mohn - City of Fayetteville, Council Member; TPB Chair
Mr. Lance Herndon - Robeson County, Commissioner; TPB Vice-Chair
Mr. Terry Hutchens - NC Board of Transportation, Division 6
Mr. Randy Lee - Town of Eastover, Council Member
Mr. Ron Lucas - Federal Highway Administration - (Non-Voting Member)
Mr. Al McMillan - Town of Parkton, Mayor
Mr. John K. McNeill, III - City of Raeford, Mayor
Mr. Patrick Molamphy - NC Board of Transportation, Division 8
Mr. Howard Penny - Harnett County, Commissioner
Mr. Harry Southerland - Hoke County, Commissioner
Ms. Monica A. Stephenson - Representative of Commander, Fort Bragg - (Non-Voting Member)
Ms. Fredricka Sutherland - Town of Spring Lake, Alderwoman
Ms. Jackie Warner - Town of Hope Mills, Mayor
Mr. Larry Wright - City of Fayetteville, Council Member
Vacant - Cumberland County